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Zoom Maria Sørensen tilbyder moderne forlovelsesringe og vielsesringe med rustik overflade i guld, diamanter og organiske former. Smykkerne kan ofte laves af dit eget guld og diamanter. Guldsmed i København der tilbyder speciallavede smykker og organiske, tidsløse designs.

Dumas I

9.995,00 kr
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Dumas I 14K gold ring
Width: Around 4,7mm

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If you want customized jewelry, please get in touch.

Choose this product as your starting point and start customizing in collaboration with the workshop.

Reuse your old gold
Our family workshop has specialized in gold recycling for decades, and we are proud to be able to offer you an extra high value for your gold when reusing it.

Optional materials
Yellow gold, White gold, 14K, 18K or reusing your own gold.

Adding stones
Choose a stone from the workshop collection or reuse your own.

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Dumas I

9.995,00 kr


Free returns and refunds within 14 days.

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Where is the jewelry made?

Every piece is made or compound in our family workshop - a small, quiet and immersive place in the middle of the fields near Copenhagen. All gold (excepted classic chains) is casted in our old gold foundry, and all stones are settled at the workbench by our own jewelers. In busy times stones are settled by our Copenhagen based stone setting partner.

Can I see this product in the boutique?

As our collection of jewelry is slowly growing, not all pieces are in stock in the boutique. Please let us know, if you would like to see a specific piece.

Can I just come by or should I book a meeting?

You can always come by. We only recommend you to book a meeting if you want not to be interrupted, get a full immersion or in case of particularly personal emotions connected to the project.

What's the price for this product if I use my own gold?

Please ask us about a specific piece. Read more about reusing own gold in our workshop here.

About our materials

925 Sterling silver

Silver is a metallic element (AG, 47). Sterling silver is an alloy consisting of 92.5% pure silver. Silver is by nature a soft material. Therefore, silver is mixed with copper to give a robustness and better resistance to daily wear.

As time goes, the silver will react to the oxygen from the air and get darker. This cannot be prevented - though you can make the shine last longer and remove the oxidation by following our product care advice.

Gold plated 925 Sterling silver

Gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold into the surface of another metal by chemical or electrochemical plating. Our gold plated jewelry consist of a thin layer of 14K gold on a massive 925 sterling silver jewelry.

As time goes, the silver will react to the oxygen from the air and get darker. This cannot be prevented. However, you can make the shine last longer and remove the oxidation by following our
product care advice. Worth knowing: No gold plating lasts forever, but you can make it last longer by following our product care advice. You can order a new gold plating in our boutique.


Gold is a metallic element (AU, 79). Pure gold is known as the most malleable and ductile material. Pure gold is thus too soft for practical purposes and is therefore used in alloys with other metals. In jewelry, the purity is stated in KT:

8K / stamped 333 / consist of 33,3% pure gold
14K / stamped 585 / consist of 58,5% pure gold
18K / stamped 750 / consist of 75% pure gold

Gold does not react with the vast majority of chemicals, which is one of the reasons why gold is an all time preferred material for long lasting pieces. Dirt can actually be the biggest reason why your jewelry looks dark or damaged and it can easily be removed by following our product care advice.

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Three generations of jewelers

With the foundation of the company in 2015, Maria Sørensen began her vision enriching lives with the offering of embodied stories through sculptured jewelry pieces. Maria’s family has a history of jewelers through three generations, starting out by Maria’s grandfather, who opened his first jeweler store in 1975. Today, the family runs a small, immersive, and passionate family workshop with its own gold foundry and jewelers on the workbench.

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