How it works


How it works

Recreate a collection piece or bring a new idea. Please let me know if you need help with ideas and development. Get inspiration via our Instagram

+ Personal addings
Have you thought about adding your own gold, diamonds, or small notes as symbols? Names, dates, lyrics, words, coordinates, or anything that speaks your story.

Close collaboration
When you are ready we will meet or write together in close collaboration. We will not begin the process until the price is agreed upon and accepted. Book online now or send us an email.

After the final confirmation, your order is ready to be picked up or send within one to two weeks.

Note that: We preserve the rights of all designs for other special projects or in future collections. We say no to copy jobs, designs too far from my own and projects with stones purchased abroad, on the internet, or on auction.


Should I book a meeting or can I just come by?

You can always just come by the boutique in the opening hours. You should only book a meeting if you want to make sure that you are not disturbed in the process or need a full immersion.

What if I live far away?

We have succesfully worked with projects abroad for many years. If you hand in your own gold be aware it's on your own risc, as we connot replace jewelry that is not ours.

What is the price for a custom project?

Every project is different. Please let us know, what type of project and piece you are searching for.

Engravings: Free
Setting of your own stone: 250,- each

Can I reuse my old gold in a custom project?

Yes - Read more.

I want a customized piece, but don't know exactly what. Can you help?

Yes! Please come in.

What if the size is not right?

It is free to resize until it fits.

How long does it take?

After the final confirmation, your order is ready to be picked up or send within one to two weeks. In urgant matters please let us know.

Can I return a special project?

No, unfortunately special made pieces are not refundable.

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