With the foundation of the company in 2015, Maria Sørensen began her vision enriching lives with the offering of embodied stories through sculptured jewelry pieces. Maria’s family has a history of jewelers through three generations, starting out by Maria’s grandfather, who opened his first jeweler store in 1975. Today, the family runs a small, immersive, and passionate family workshop with its own gold foundry and jewelers on the workbench.

In her designs, Maria constantly experiments to find the perfect balance between artistic finesse and timelessness. With inspiration from great artists and thinkers, each collection is built around a universe that Maria finds particularly fascinating, meaning that each piece tells a unique story.

For Maria, it is a top priority to deliver excellence. Therefore, each piece is handcrafted in both traditional and experimental manners with the deepest respect for the materials and the stories they represent. With Maria, the company cultivates a true artisan, who takes pride in spending countless hours when designing and crafting jewelry to perfection, and each piece is meant to be carried for a lifetime.


The combination of aesthetics, creativity, cultural curiosity and excellent craftsmanship comprises the spirit that is cultivated in the company. With these elements combined, Maria Sørensen fulfils the dream of creating unique, yet timeless, jewelry where embodied stories can travel with you on your lifelong adventure. 

Boutique & Atelier

In 2021, Maria Sørensen opened her first boutique & atelier consisting of own designs from the workshop. The boutique & atelier is located at Kompagnistræde 7, in the heart of Copenhagen.

The boutique & atelier houses the unique atmosphere of Maria Sørensen, based on artistic touches and high-quality craftsmanship. In the boutique & atelier, you will a wide range of Maria Sørensen’s unique pieces, and here, special projects as customized jewelry and customer gold recycling can be discussed directly with Maria Sørensen herself.

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