Jewelry traditions through three generations

Recycle your gold in our family foundry

Our family workshop has been specializing in gold recycling for decades, and we are so proud to be able to offer you an extra high value for your gold when reusing it.

The process

Collect your old pieces

Send us a message with information about your gold/stones or bring it with you to the boutique. You can also book our next meeting here.

Choose between a collection piece or a custom piece. Choose between using your own gold or switch to ours.


If we make a custom piece, you will see a model (an example in wax of the final result), before you give a finally confirmation.


After the final confirmation, your order is ready to be picked up or send within two to three weeks. In urgant matters please let us know.

Things to consider

By using your own gold, you only pay for the work, design, and stones. You will have to choose between creating the jewelry of your own exact gold or exchange for the workshop's gold mix - there is a financial benefit in both solutions.

Using your own gold

Safe space

Your jewelry will be preserved with the deepest respect during the time with us. The workshop has no intermediary, as we cast on our own foundry, and diamonds are settled by our own jewelers.

Colour and blends

All gold blends are different. Therefore, in rare cases, small irregularities can occur in the jewelry, when mixing different kinds of blends. The gold hue is determined by how your various jewelry works with each other. If you do not have enough gold for the project, your gold will be mixed with ours.

No stamp

Your gold will not be stamped as we cannot guarantee other jewelers' gold blends.

Own risk

Project with own gold or stones is at your own risk as we cannot replace jewelry that is not ours. The jewelry cannot be returned as it's made of your own material.

Preserving a memory

Your old gold continues on the journey with you.

Using our gold


You get the workshop's own gold blend, which is characterized by a soft, light color. (See the collections)

Stamp & certificate

You get a karat stamp as well as a name stamp and certificate on diamonds.

Using your own stones

We say yes to

- Round our oval shaped stones.

- Inherited and old stones of yours

Own risk

All stone settings of personal stones is on your own risk. Gemstones can break both in the outtake and setting process. Diamonds has the highest resistance.

We say no to:

- Stones brought to the project another place
- Stones brought abroad

- Other stone shapes as square, heart, etc.

Using our stones

Diamond certificate

You will get a certificate on all diamond buys from the workshop. Our diamonds are certified conflict free.

Stone collection

The workshop is collecting both new and vintage stones. Let us know what you are searching for.


Do I have enough gold to make the project?

Yes! If you do not have enough gold for what the project requires, it will be deducted from the price. Your gold will most often be mixed with the workshop's gold, as the project also requires a bit more gold in the casting process.

Can different karats be mixed with each other?

You can easily mix different karats - the workshop will check this for you. We will calculate how much each karat is worth in 14 kt. which is the workshop's most used karat. If you are curious, look for the following numbers inside your jewelry:

8 carats - 33.3% fine gold = stamped with 333
14 carats - 58.5% fine gold = stamped with 585
18 carats - 75% fine gold = stamped with 750

Can I use my own stones in the jewelry?

The workshop can typically recycle diamonds from your old jewelry. However, using your own diamonds is entirely your own responsibility. We do not place stones purchased abroad, online and on auction.

Can I also reuse my old silver?

No, unfortunately this service is not available.

Can I preserve my old piece, but add a few changes?

That will depend on the specific project. Please ask us!


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